The Cinema Revolution

Fifty years ago there was a cinema in every neighborhood in America. Then TV and porn killed the glory. It all got flipped. The movies became trash and the TV got narrative. Now Hollywood makes movies for 14-year-olds and Chinese people and good storytelling has dissolved into infinite episodes online.

We need Cinema.

People love going to the movies--at INDYWOOD Laboratories we've tested and proved it. People now have the technology to screen movies in their backyards, at dive bars, at hip hotels, in abandoned warehouses and at old ramshackle cinemas from the 1920s. We have the content: More indie movies are being made than ever before. The equipment is cheap and getting cheaper. People are tired of the isolation of Netflix. 

We are on the cusp of a cinematic renaissance. 

INDYWOOD's 10 year plan. This is what we want:

  • (Truly) Independent cinemas in every neighborhood in America and all over the world (Nigeria is next).
  • To empower independent viewers (the unsung heroes) to crowdsource their cinema programming.
  • To give filmmakers a (truly) independent business plan.
  • To train an army of advertisers to rep local Mom and Pop shops on Mainstreets around the globe.
  • To use the blockchain (still not quite sure what that means) to fund movies.
  • To awaken the revolution--with cinema!

No one, except maybe Roger Corman, has ever really explored "independent" filmmaking/distribution. Through experimentation and lean start-up learning, Indywood hopes to create a truly independent economic ecosystem for cinema to thrive.

In re-launching INDYWOOD, a lot of people have advised me to change the name. But it must be "indy." That's what we're all about! We're (truly) independent but we spell it like "HOLLYWOOD," because that's where all the masters did it first. Terminator: We're back. This time it's personal.