About the New Indywood Cinema

Indywood is a 2 screen indie movie theater, coming to you soon on Saint Claude Avenue in the Bywater of New Orleans. We're currently in the process of building out our new space, but hopefully come January, we'll open our doors 7 days a week for you and your friends to come have a drink and watch cool indie films. We try to reflect our community as much as possible - we hope to be a "community curated" theater where you can upvote films to screen via our website. If you want more about us, check out our Blog. 

For now, each week we make a video blog, or vlog, about our adventures. At some point, we'll put them all together into a documentary about building your own neighborhood cinema. 

Vlog 27: When Will We Open?

Vlog 22: Boring But Important

Vlog 25: Beautiful Days Applying for an Occupancy License

Vlog 26: Looking Good

Vlog 21: Pleasure and Apologies

Vlog 22: Being an Entrepreneur...

Vlog 23: Dark Horse

Vlog 18: Benevolent Friend Saves the Day!

Vlog 19: Happy Halloween, New Orleans

Vlog 20: Community Saves the Day!

Vlog 15: Our New Building

Vlog 16: Build a New Indywood Cinema

Vlog 17: We Need Your Help

Vlog 12: Film Distribution--Shall We Innovate?

Vlog 13: It's a Marathon

Vlog 14: Cinema On Demand

Vlog 9: Deciding on a Building

Vlog 10: Hollywood South Become Indywood South

Vlog 11: How to Make a Nomad Cinema

Vlog 6: A New Building

Vlog 7: Goodbye Old Indywood

Vlog 8: Low Point?

Vlog 3: Our First Bike-In Movie

Vlog 4: Back to Our Roots

Vlog 5: A Summer of Bike-Ins

Vlog 1: Dark Days at Indywood

Vlog 2: Dogs. Bicycles. Cinema.