Build-Out Update #3

We've prepared ourselves for your handprints! All of you who backed our Kickstarter campaign are invited (plus one) to a Handprint Party! Where you can paint your palms, slap the wall and autograph your handprint.

Handprint Party: Saturday, Jan. 9 at 7:00

And in the time it takes for the handprints to dry (becoming ready for your signature) we'll screen a delightful movie! What movie, you might ask? In true Indywood fashion, we'll have a couple options ready and you we'll all vote on which one we want to watch. 

This will be the first screening ever within the walls of our new theater!


We sent Michael, our partner, out to Los Angeles to make a deal on some cinema seats. He wheeled and dealed and now we have 116 new seats arriving on Monday.

Permitting Delay: When will we open?

It's the new year! Time for new things to happen--like the new Indywood Cinema on St. Claude! All you cinema fans who have been sticking with us through our tribulations finding a new building for Indywood are probably wondering when we are going to open. 

Our goal was to open in January. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we're going to make that goal. 

Right now our application for an occupancy license is being processed by City Hall. There are many hurtles to jump through (as you can witness in our lasted vlog, which is linked below), and our jump-step is a little slower paced than we had hoped.

If you want a look inside the rabbit hole of starting a new business, check out our latest vlog...

Vlog 27: When Will We Open?