Indywood’s Moviemaking Model

A couple years ago, my buddies and I were in film school. One evening, after an exhausting shoot on 16mm celluloid film, we were sitting at a pub discussing the many advantages of shooting on digital. After ordering our third round of Pilsner, we began generating a grand idea—we envisioned a new, digital, web-based model for funding and distributing films. Indywood is the result of that conversation. 

People often ask me to explain how the Indywood moviemaking model will work. Let me explain . . .

The independent filmmaker is faced with two daunting questions: 
How will I fund my film? 
After I’ve made it, how will I get people to see my film?

Indywood will provide tools to answer these questions.

Our website will combine crowdfunding for equity, or crowdinvestment, with online movie rentals and theatrical licensing. It will be an online marketplace where filmmakers can connect directly with investors, theaters and viewers. 

Here’s how our website will work:  

  1. The filmmaker creates a pitch for an idea and posts it on Indywood.
  2. Anybody with a computer and a debit card can invest in the film.
  3. The filmmaker makes the film and posts production updates on Indywood. 
  4. After the film is finished and has been in festivals, it premieres on Indywood.
  5. Viewers can rent or buy the film on Indywood. 
  6. Theaters can license and download the film directly from Indywood.
  7. The ticket sales go back to the filmmaker and her investors.
  8. The filmmaker begins work on another film.
  9. The investors invest again. 
  10. More movies get made.

We want to make the process of funding and distributing films more liquid and accessible. We want to empower viewers to be active participants in the filmmaking process. And we want to utilize the malleability of the Internet to enliven local film economies everywhere.

You can be a part of this. Storytelling is everybody’s art form. Let’s make movies with the Internet!