A Collection of Indie Cinemas in NOLA

A band of kindred spirits assembled at Indywood on Sunday afternoon to discuss how we might all work together to spread cinematic culture in New Orleans.

We had quite a team show up:

Angela and Travis from Shotgun Cinema,

Jean and Jeff from the Burgandy Picture House,

Blake and Trevor from Cinema Reset,

Alexander from the French Cine-Club,

Donna and Gerald from the Charitable Film Network

And Ken who reports on film for Gambit.

Forming a Cinematic Collective

All of these groups have been promoting cinema in one way or another, but we had never assembled ourselves in the same room. It felt a little like Ocean’s Eleven—all of us cool cats with our own unique talents working to realize a common mission.

Blake Bertucelli was the instigator of the meet up. At the heart of any cultural movement, there’s always a person who’s good at organizing people. Blake's that person. Ever since I met Blake—about five years ago—he’s been trying to enliven cinematic culture in New Orleans. That’s a hard battle to fight on one’s own.

On Sunday, sitting in a circle with all these other groups of cinema soldiers, Blake was smiling from ear to ear. “You know I’ve lived in this city for seven years,” he said, “and this is the first time it feels like there might be real energy behind a cinema in New Orleans.”

Blake talked about how many other cities in the country have an established network of independent cinemas which are patronized by people who love and appreciate cinema. He dreams of having a similar cinematic culture here in New Orleans.

Now he has us all working together to bring that dream to life.

Thanks Blake. Thanks to everyone else who showed up on Sunday. And thanks to all of you viewers out there who support independent cinema!