Theater Report: Week One

The Indywood theater…is alive!!!

Our first weekend went well. The new theater is an excellent fit for us. The location is ideal (one block off Frenchman) and the neighbors are friendly and excited for what we’re doing.

We hope for Indywood to provide a central nexus for local, independent film in New Orleans. That’s why, for our first month, we’re screening all local films

Our first two films were Water Like Stone, Zack Godshall’s lyrical documentary portrait of Leeville, a town quickly sinking into the gulf, and a panel of Court 13’s (makers of Beasts of the Southern Wild) short films.

Attendance was a little underwhelming at first, but just about every who came was enthusiastic about the space.

Many people commented on the “do-it-yourself” style of our theater. Some other start-up might have spent months and thousands of dollars renovating a space to open a movie theater--But not Indywood! We’re of the opinion that to test a new product, you should build a prototype and present it to world as quickly as possible. This agile business strategy allows us to learn quickly about what our customers do and don’t want.

So, yes, our screen is made out of 2x4s, we’re missing a significant amount of our ceiling panels and we’re screening films off my laptop—but that’s just a start!

If we can prove that the neighborhood wants our theater to stick around, we’ll continue to invest more time and funds in making the Indywood theater a home base for the cinematic experince in NOLA.

So come on by theater this weekend if you’d like to see a movie!