Indywood Turns 12 Days Old

We had 110 people walk through our doors the past two weekends. That’s fantastic! Here are some roses and thorns from our first days open. **


  • Almost everyone who filled out our survey said “I love [local film]! I want more!”

  • We’ve had a very positive response from Marigny residents and our landlord, both of whom are very supportive of indie film in NOLA.

  • It was so good to see the different age and race demographics. Probably what I’m most grateful for is getting the chance to meet so many different, great people. 



  • We had some coooooold days recently and under our survey question “What should be our next upgrade to Indywood?” better temperature control scored highest!  

  • Second to temperature control was “New Seats.” I’m happy to report we’re going chair shopping as soon as I finish this post.

  • There’s something wrong with the way we do concessions--we have soda, candy, popcorn, and pretzels but no one’s buying them. (Our biggest consumers of popcorn these past two weeks were me and Will.) Anyone have suggestions about how to make this better? Leave comments on the homepage


What to look for in the next two weeks:

Will and I will post reviews of the films we’re showing this weekend--”Getting Outer Space” and “The Order of Myths.” Come on by to check the films out, as well as our new seating, which should be installed by Thursday. And if you follow us on Twitter this week @IndywoodSouth or like us on Facebook, I’ll give you free popcorn. Just come in and tell either Will or me that you follow/like us.


How can you help?

Come be part of this adventure! Stop by the theater to say hi any time, especially Thursday - Sunday 6 - 11 pm. We’ve got a pretty good setup at this point. The next challenge is to spread the word. Tell us what you’d like to see, in person or at the bottom of our homepage here.


THANK YOU to everyone who's supported us so far and helped grow NOLA indie film these past two weeks. It's so good to know you’re out there, and to build this community with you. 


See you soon!