Filmmaker Meet-Up (Sunday June 8 @ 2:00pm)

Anyone who’s been to film school or has aspired to be a filmmaker has heard this advise: the best way to learn to learn to make a movie is to make a movie.

Indywood wants to put this idea into practice.

As an aspiring filmmaker myself (Will speaking), I always have many filmic ideas swirling around in my head. But it’s been hard to act on any of them, because I’ve not had a viable outlet to get them in front of people. Sure I can upload my videos to vimeo, but the internet lacks cinematic umph.

At Indywood, we’ve got a big screen and a community of people hungry for locally made content (the local films we’ve screened are by far our most successful. Blue is the Warmest Color flopped. The Whole Gritty City and Least Favorite Love songs were hits).

Until now, Indywood has been a movie theater. Beginning this weekend, Indywood is a movie theater by night and a film co-op by day.

On Sunday, we’re inviting all local filmmakers for a meet-up. We’ve got three prompts we hope will inspire you to make movies. These are the prompts:

1.) Make a mock advertisement for something that doesn’t exist but should.

2.) Make a micro documentary about a little-known New Orleans story.

3.) Make a slapstick comedy that tells a story (beginning, middle, end) with no dialog.

Make a micro-short (between 30 and 45 seconds long) inspired by one of these prompts in June, and we’ll screen it in front of our feature films in July. Your micro-short must be of maximum quality with minimal means. We Indywood folks reserve the right to curate, but there’s a good chance we’ll screen your work if it’s well made. We’ll let you know when it’s screening.

We’ll discuss all this on Sunday, along with other matters. Those matters include: Let’s acquire communal equipment (I’m thinking boom mics, macs with bad ass software and a green screen to start things off. How will we fund this? I don’t know yet. Let’s figure it out). Let’s plan a film festival. Let’s organize grander projects.

The point of all this is to get y’all filmmakers moving and making. This is just the beginning. Let’s all meet each other, learn from each other, feel out what each one of us is good at, and eventually Indywood will become a DIY studio of sorts in which we’re all working together to make excellent, home-grown films.