Kickstarting The New Indywood

The ball is now rolling on the creation of the New Indywood at 3400 St. Claude.

This weekend we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help turn our new building into a cinema.

We've got a new building, but in order to turn it into a two-screen movie theater, we need to buy 74 more chairs (in addition to our famous old red chairs), 2 projectors, 2 5.1 sound systems and a giant INDYWOOD sign with a marquee.

If you'd like to help us open the new Indywood, here's some ways you can engage:

Hand Print on the Wall

Once the campaign is funded, all Kickstarter backers are invited to paint your palms, slap your handprints on the wall and sign them. Your hand print will be there for ever and ever for you to show to your grandkids.

Vote With You Tickets

We're trying out a new idea: We want to crowdsource our programming. If you pre-buy a ticket through our Kickstarter, you can decide what films you want to see at Indywood in the Spring. At the end of the campaign we'll send you a list of films (both new and old) we're considering booking, and you can use your ticket to "vote" for what you want to see. Do you have any suggestions for films to put on the survey? Please tell them to me! (

Book an Event

We're going to have two screens at the New Indywood: One grand and classy, the other small and cozy. You can book your own private screening in either theater through our Kickstarter.

Buy an Ad

We had a thousand people a month come to Indywood at our last location. All of those people had nothing to look at in the minutes before the show started except the pre-show ads we run before every screening. If you have a business or event you'd like to promote, the Indywood screen is a good way to connect with a hip, intelligent and diverse community.

Become a Member

Indywood is a cinematic buffet for our members: You get into all our screenings for free (except private events) plus free popcorn every time.

Help us build a New Indywood! Check out the Kickstarter:

Build a New Indywood Cinema

And to All Our Past Backers

For all of you who backed "Cool Movies at Indywood," in the spring--Thank you, once again. We know it might seem presumptuous for us to launch a second Kickstarter so soon after our first.

The situation of this Kickstarter is much more dire: We must re-open. The goal is much more grand: We must build a new cinema.

For all of you who bought year memberships through our last Kickstarter (or maybe you never starter your month membership)--you're membership will roll on over for a full year at our new location!

We believe we sent out all the T-Shirts from our last campaign, but if you didn't receive yours, please let me know by commenting on this post or emailing

Thanks for sticking with us y'all. If we can finally open up at a permanent location, we'll never have to ask you for money again!