The Votes Are In: Crowdsourced Cinema

In preparation for Indywood's re-opening, we're trying out a new idea. 

We believe that cinema of the 21st Century needs to be On Demand. Like Netflix, but on the big screen. 

As part of our recent--sucessful!--Kickstarter campaign, we decided to expand our horizons of crowdsourced cinema: We sent our backers a list of films that we are able to and interested in booking, and asked our supporters to vote on which film they wanted to see.  We also suggested some potential film series and asked which seemed most intriguing.

The results of this vote have been very informative. As the film booker at Indywood, I have always booked based on my own whims, which have been very hit and miss. I really wanted to bring Cartel Land, but it seems A Band Called Death is a much more popular idea. 

Turning cinematic programming into a democratic process based on the will of the crowd makes a lot more sense. It will help us know which films our community wants to see, and it will allow us to gage interest in more novel ideas. I didn't know "Directors' First Films" would be such a hit as a film series. 

Based on the votes from our kickstarter backers, we've decided which films we're going to book first when we re-open:

The Stanford Prison Experiment
The End of the Tour
The Forbiden Room
Irrational Man
Do I Sound Gay
A Band Called Death
Taxi Tehran
Indie Legends: Directors' First Films

This was our first time conducting a cinematic vote, and our voting mechanism and process can certainly need refinement. We're going to keep experimenting with cinematic democracy.

For now, we're opening up our voting portal to the world! Check it out:

Indywood's Cinematic Democracy

We're going to book the films that our kickstarter backers voted on first, but feel free to cast your own votes (if you haven't already).  

Once we get closer to opening, we'll add new films for y'all to vote on. 

Thanks for participating in the future of cinema!

If you're interested--and for the sake of democratic transparency--here were the results from our kickstarter vote.   

The Stanford Prison Experiment: 26
The End of the Tour: 26
The Forbidden Room: 15
Irrational Man: 15
Phoenix: 14
Sleeping with Other People: 13
A Field in England: 12
Wrong: 11

Do I Sound Gay: 23
A Band Called Death: 22
Taxi Tehran: 18
Meru: 14
Cartel Land: 10
Merchants of Doubt: 10

Indie Legends: Directors' First Films: 29
Big Screen Classics: 23
Visionary African Cinema: 18
Mind-Boggling Anime: 18