Indywood 2.0 Build-Out Update #1

Blog Posts become Build-Out Updates

The purpose of Indywood's Blog is to give you a behind-the-scene look at what it's like to build and operate and indie cinema in the 21st Century. Since we're currently hard at work turning our new building into a cinema, our blog posts for the next couple months will be a series of weekly updates on our progress towards opening the new Indywood Cinema. 

In this time of transformation--our screens temporarily washed out by florescent lights, and our theaters filled with the sounds of power tools--we hope to keep you in the loop about what's up with our emerging cinema. 

So here's this weeks report.

Report #1 (December 11, 2015)

We painted the walls.

We ordered a sample chair. We like it. We've making moves to transport 103 more of them from Los Angeles to Louisiana.

We signed an operating agreement.

We applied for an occupancy license.

It's been such a surprisingly beautiful December of 2015!

You want to see it in motion? Check out this weeks vlog:

Vlog 25: Beautiful Days Applying for an Occupancy License