Kickstarting March, Blasting into April

Kickstarting March, Blasting Into April

In February, we ran a kickstarter campaign to bring cool films to Indywood in March. It was a success! For the past three weeks we’ve been enjoying a plethora of dynamic programming at Indywood.

We’ve had a lot of people coming through Indywood in the last three weeks, and we’re all set up to bring more cool films in April.

As I’ve written in previous posts, starting a business is all about learning from your costumers. Here’s a quick over-view of what we learned in March and what we’re looking forward to in April.

Recent Indie Films

We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Timbuktu was way more of a hit at Indywood than Whiplash.

Whiplash was a pretty major indie film that had a lot of oscar buzz, whereas Timbuktu is a little-known film from Africa.

Timbuktu’s success proves to us that our neighborhood has a strong appetite for great films that have been over-looked by the major distribution avenues in the USA.

Our plan for April:

We’ve got more excellent foreign films lined up for April—and we’ll have stadium seating by the end of the month so you can read those subtitles!

Coming Soon:

The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Goodbye to Language, Leviathan, An Honest Liar and a Bad Ass Feminist Western from Iran that we aren’t allowed to advertise yet.

Film School For the Public:

It’s a hit! When I was planning Film School, I thought it was risky. I’m a real cinema nerd, and I was nervous that people would not share my passion for dissecting great films.

But we’ve had good turnout, and our audiences seem to enjoy the lectures.

Our plan for April:

We have two plans for April: 1) We want to give a little structure to the films we choose to play, so we’re going to have a theme for each month. In April, we’re going to focus on films with great cinematography. 2) Doing a Film School every week was a bit much, so we’re going to do it every other Monday (the first and third Mondays of the month). On the weeks in between we’re going to show “Indie Legend”—a series of the greatest indie films ever made.

Coming Soon:

Film School: John Ford’s The Fugitive (Black & White Cinematography), Federico Fellini’s Amarcord (Color Cinematography) Indie Legends: The Maysles’ Brothers’ Salesman and Les Blank’s Gap-Toothed Woman

Weird Wednesdays

Bad Movie Night was a hit! Adventures Through Youtube was not! It turns out y’all don’t want to pay to watch youtube videos. That’s totally understandable! We should have seen that coming.

Our Plan for April:

No more youtube videos, but we will be bringing Bad Movie Night back! We’re going to continue experimenting with weird and whimsical content.

Coming Soon:

Bad Movie Night goes to Space, Samurai Cop, The Fifth Element and Tommy.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Our cartoons have not been very well attended, we’re sorry to say. But we really love the idea, and we have a plan to make it work a little better…

Our Plan for April

Saturday morning cartoons will now be FREEEEE!!! Cereal will be $3 and coffee will be $1.50.

Coming Soon: Popeye, Buggs Bunny, Dino Riders, Transformers (the original), Power Puff Girls, and more . . .

And Finally . . . an Update on Your Rewards

We’re sheepish to report that we’ve been a little overwhelmed by our Kickstarter. We’re behind on preparing some of the rewards. We are so thankful to all of you who contributed. We apologize for the delay on some of the rewards.

Here’s an update concerning those delays:

T-Shirts: We said they’d be done by the end of March. They’re not ready. I’m sorry. They will be ready for pick-up by April 15. Come to the Fifth Element screening/party to pick up your T-shirt!

Name on the Big Screen: You’re names are not on the big screen yet! But they will be throughout the month of April.

On-Screen Ads: We’ve had most of your ads up on the big screen for the past month, but not all of them. If we’ve neglected to contact you about your ad, we will be doing so in the next couple days, and your ad will get a full month run in April.

Stadium Seating and Video Switcher: These were our two stretch goals. We will have stadium seating built and the video switcher set up by the end of April.

Fifth Element Kickstarter Party!

As promised, we will have a free screening/party of the Fifth Element for all of you who contributed to the Kickstarter!

The screening will be Wednesday, April 15 at 8:00p.

Get your April Memberships!

If you became an Indywood member through our Kickstarter, we hope our April line-up will inspire you to continue your membership!

Again, thank you to all of you who enabled us to bring cooler films to Indywood.