Musings (And the Origins of Indy Colors)

Musings (And the Origins of Indy Colors)

After writing this blog for a couple months, I’m sensing the need for a clearer vision and structure to my posts. Here’s a post concerning future posts:

Up until now, the central thesis of Indywood Blog has been nebulous. It’s high time for me to state it plainly: The purpose of this blog is to encourage a resurgence of independent, neighborhood cinema, re-tooling it with the gadgets of the 21st century.

In ten years, we envision a vibrant ecosystem of independent theaters that provide an economic infrastructure for local, independent film to thrive.

Everyday, we toil away, step by step to bring these grand imaginings to life.

In bloging about this process, I’m going to break my weekly posts into two categories: (1) Practical information and (2) general musings.

Practical Information

Every first and third Monday of the month, I’ll publish a blog with practical information about how to run a movie theater and/or how to enjoy the cinematic experience more thoroughly.


But I’ve got my head too far up in the clouds of “grand imaginings” to stick only to practical information. So the weeks in between (the second and fourth Mondays of the month), I’ll reserve for “general musings”—short, contemplative posts about entrepreneurship, filmmaking, New Orleans living and the glory of cinema in general.

I will also do my darndest from here on out to keep all my posts short, simple and easily digestible.

Since this is the fourth Monday of the month, here’s a short musing:

Today's Musing

One of the cool things about starting a business in New Orleans, is that you can draw inspiration for you branding just by riding around the city and looking at the houses.

New Orleans’ homeowners choose some of the most bold and creative color combinations for their houses. For anyone deciding on a color palette, the streets of New Orleans are majorly inspiring.

For example, I was riding down Esplanade one day about a year ago, and colors of this house caught my attention:

I love the sea foam green augmented by tan and dark red. You’ll notice that our website, our posters and the interior of our theater are all designed in this color palette.

Thanks for your colors, New Orleans!