Musing #1: Crowd-Sourced Cinema Programming

Crowd-sourced Cinema Programming

A strange thing has happened in the wake of our Kickstarter campaign. Though we successfully raised a pool of money to bring a bunch of special films to Indywood, our turnout for those special programs has been steadily declining.

That’s no good.

What do we learn from our sparse attendance at Film School, Weird Wednesday and Saturday Morning Cartoons?—We’re not doing a good enough job bringing films y’all actually want to see.

We got to thinking up in the Indywood roost, and we came up with an idea . . .

Instead of raising one pool of money to program all our films, what if we crowd-sourced each individual film we brought to Indywood?

This is how we imagine it working:

1.) Any of y’all could post a film you’d like to see on our website.

2.) Anyone else who wants to see the film could vote for it by pre- buying a ticket.

3.) If we meet a certain threshold of ticket sales, let’s say 30 tickets, we’ll investigate booking the film.

4.) If it’s possible for us to license the film (there are restrictions on some films), we’ll suggest a few possible dates for the screening.

5.) The people who have pre-bought tickets would vote on a date.

6.) We’d book the film.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

It would be like Netflix, where y’all can choose what you want to watch, but at your neighborhood cinema.

Imgaine the possiblilities!. . . we could bring:

  • Bollywood Movies
  • A Twilight Zone Binge Night
  • Anime Movies
  • Kids Movies
  • ‘70s and ‘80s Slashers
  • MTV music video dance parties
  • LGBT Documentaries
  • A Bill Nye the Science Guy Marathon!
  • A “Michael Bay’s Best Explosions” Night

Those are just some ideas that rattled through my brain—but we could screen anything! As long as we pre-sell 30 tickets.

(And as long as it’s not porn. Indywood will never show porn).

We're Building It!

We’re glad to announce to all of you who’ve been frustrated with our website up till now (which is probably just about all of you), that we’ve got a new tailor-made website being built at this very moment.

We hope to implement this idea of “Crow-Sourced Cinema Programming” in our new website. We’ll start testing it out this summer.

This is the dawn of the new Crowd-Sourced Age of Cinema. Do y’all have any films you’d like to see at Indywood this summer?