Digital Cinema Depression

This week we've been distracted trying to close a deal on a new building for Indywood.

A friend of ours is buying us a building (rather nice of him, eh?) on St. Claude (Main Street of the coolest nighborhood in New Orleans).

Why would a friend do such a thing?--Because he believes in the grand Indywood Vision: Utilizing the liquidity of digital technology, we will spread Indy cinema accross the world and thereby provide filmmakers with an economic ecosystem that is truly independent.

This kind of optimism is a direct rebellion agains the deep, dark depression that is currently consuming the hearts of cinema lovers everywhere.

The dominant mood in the film industy for the past decade has been a mix of gloom and dread, as digital technology has choked out celluloid film (the life blood of classic cinema).

Indywood hopes to provide an antidote for the jaded cynicisim that pervades the Art House Cinema industry.

But I feel that my incessant optimism throughout my blob posts might get a little annoying. So I'd like to give you a little perspective into my world.

I'm too distracted to write a proper post this week, so instead I invite you to watch this horribly depressing video (from The New Yorker) on the bleak future of Art House Cinema.

Indywood will survive and thrive because we have detailed battle plans for innovating in the cinema industry. But also because we have hope for the future. Instead of being afraid of digital technology, we embrace it. And DCP? (As they discuss in the video above)--Not a problem for us! (As I explain in a previous post: Why Film Distribution is in Need of Innovation)

Now please excuse while I go invest a lot of time and money starting a new Art House Cinema . . .