Indywood has big news—both temporary and permanent.

1) A Temporary Location

We hope our summer of Bike-In screenings provided some adventure for y’all. But after hauling our equipment, screen(s) and popcorn machinery all around downtown New Orleans, we’re glad to be moving into a temporary home.

Powerful Fitness, a martial arts studio at 4210 St. Claude, is Indywood’s temporary Kung Fu Cinema.

Throughout the month of September (and potentially a little longer), we’ll be showing excellent indie films all weekend long (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights).

We’re back to three nights a week! Indywood is slowly crawling out of the ashes and soon this phoenix shall soar!

On that note: A much bigger piece of good news…

2.) A Permanent Location

We have a grand announcement…(drumroll please):


Or at least we’re pretty darn sure—confident enough to announce it.

We’re still waiting for the real estate deal to go through, but a good friend of ours was able to buy a building. It’s well situated on St. Claude.

Thus opens a new chapter in the history of Indywood. We’ve been wandering the wilderness for quite a while… now we have the Promised Land in our sights.

But of course this chapter opens to a whole new set of challenges.

We’re now working on hashing out many details about the building, but we will have a solid plan for our build-out and our re-opening coming soon.

Thanks so much to all of y’all for sticking with us through this journey. We’ll keep you posted.