Indywood Rises Again: Here's the Plan

Mission Success

This summer it was a our mission to find a new location for the Indywood cinema to grow.

I'm so happy to announce: Mission success.

After scouring downtown New Orleans for suitable cinema spots, we finally found the perfect building on St. Claude down in the Bywater. The building was about to go on the market, and an Indywood friend swooped in and bought it for us.

This benevolent friend would like to remain anonymous, so we'll just have to shout our gratitude to the sky (standing atop our new building) and know it will radiate to the stars (hmmm we should put a telescope up there).

Now...Let's Build a Cinema!

As it is now, it's a cinderblock box with conveniently positioned walls inside.

It's time for the Indywood team to get to work (Finally!! Real work! Not sitting around in the heat and worrying). Time to do what we do best: Build Cinema.

The Vision

In a matter of months we plan (and prey) to have created:

A Two-Screen Cinema

One screen in the grand, art deco-ed out style of cinemas a century ago. The other screen, smaller and homier in the style of the lone wolf, single screen cinemas out on the western plains.

A Library Cafe

We're going to have a cinema--might as well have a cafe! And if we're going to have a cafe--might as well have a film library/used bookstore!

A Bar

This is New Orleans. Gotta have a bar. We're going to call it the Vermillion Bar: Beautiful and Dangerous. (Indywood's power color is sea-foam green. Vermillion will add a brilliant contrast).

The Battle Plan:

Occupancy License and other Boring Stuff We have to apply for a lot of permits and things (wa wa wa). We have to get an occupancy license and eventually, probably after we've opened the theater, an alcohol license. A lot of inspectors have to come by and approve of what we're doing.

Fortunately we've got a great contractor who knows how to handle all that stuff. What minor buildout we have to do won't take long, but the permitting is unpredictable to say the least.

Cinema Swag Over the next couple months we need to acquire all these cool things:

  • 2 Projectors (1080p, DLP)
  • 80 more chairs (in addition to our glorious, old red ones)
  • 2 5.1 surround sound systems
  • Sound proofing material for the walls
  • Stadium seating risers
  • Dimable lights and a light board
  • Misc. movie theater swag (red carpets, velvet ropes, movie posters)
  • So many string lights!
  • A gigantic, glowing INDYWOOD sign with a marquee

Website: Crowdsourced Programming

As described in our latest vlog (Vlog 14: Cinema on Demand), we're going to build a website that will enable y'all to "vote" for films that you want to see by pre-ordering tickets. If we pre-sell 40 tickets, we'll book the film. In essence, y'all will be able to choose what's coming to Indywood.

Wanna Help Build the New Indywood?

Okay, this might sound ridiculous, but we're doing another Kickstarter campaign!

Yes, I know: This will be our second kickstarter this year. But this one is for an entirely different purpose! Our last one was to fund three months of programming (cool,yes). This one will be to bring an entirely new cinema to life! (so much cooler).

Money We Have, Money We Need

We have to buy all the cool things listed above. So we gotta spend money.

Thankfully, we were able to save a good chunk of money we made at our last location. And some more benevolent friends have offered lend us money. But we still have to raise a chunk of money to pay for the cool things listed above.

So if you want to participate in building of the new Indywood Cinema on St. Claude, come check this out...


Garage Sale and Movie Screening

Saturday, October 3 at the New Indywood Garage Sale: 2:00p The Big Beat Screening: 5:00 and 7:00p

Come check out our new space!!! Bare and naked before it's transformation into a cinema.

Garage Sale

Our building was going to be a thrift store but it never opened. So we've got a lot of cool thrift store stuff we'll sell ridiculously cheap (if not give it away for free): beds, desks, toys, clothing, etc. All proceeds go to the Kickstarter campaign.

Screening: The Big Beat

In the evening we'll screen The Big Beat: a documentary about Fats Domino which premiered at last year's NO Film Fest.

Thank You

Thank you all so much for sticking with us this summer. We're so happy that we made it, and we're excited to skip on down the road ahead.

Would you like to come a'skipping?