Designing a Cinema

At Indywood we believe cinema will survive in the digital age--but not without a fight.

In order to compete with the vast array of great indie films available on netflix, we need to give 21st centruy folks a reason to come out to the movies.

In short--The new Indywood cinema must be a cool.

I think we did a good job in our first location:

This time around we hope our style can echo the Art-Deco infused grandeur of cinemas a century ago.

Maintaining the classic neighborhood single screen vibe . . . 

. . . and infusing it with our own underground flair.

Of course we need a giant Indywood sign and a marquee. 

I like how Cinefamily (pretty much the coolest indie theater there is) has vines growing on the front. Maybe we should keep that meme going. 

And we're also making plans to add a bar and cafe to the Indywood cinema. 

I would love to build out our library and fill the walls with books, so people can read and drink a coffee as they wait for the next film. 

What if we somehow combined these two ideas??

One of the things I love most about Indywood is that we're using new technology to re-create something that is old and much loved. 

Do you have any design ideas inspired by cinema nostalgia?--Or any wild ideas that drift in on the wind--we'd like to hear them! 

What do you want in the new Indywood? Red carpets? Sofas? Spiral staircases? Secret doors? Oddly rigged hammocks? A blender for fresh fruit smoothies? 

Over the next couple months we're going to build a new cinema. Very exciting. 

Let the ideas fly! Comment on this post, or hit us up on Face Hole (I'm about to start a thread). 

Stay tuned for design schemes to come.