Buildout Report #6

We finally got the water turned on! Which is a major step towards getting our Certificate of Occupancy (the main City Hall challenge). This morning we're going have an inspection (if this were a video game, at this level we're fighting a big boss). 

My friends over at ProSound New Orleans are helping me design two finely tuned, 5.1 surround sound systems to bring the best audio experience possible to both of our theaters. The ProSound team are great people (they're helping us out for an ad trade--what a deal!). They rent out audio gear for film production, so if you're an indie filmmaker (who can always do with better sound) check 'em out!

I've been working on our new website. will soon be live! We're building this new website to be able to support experiments in crowd-sourced cinema programming. 

We're getting closer to opening! Everyday, one little step at a time...stay tuned. 

And Happy Mardi Graaaaaaaaaaas!!!