Buildout Report #7

The Graffiti Wars Continue

This week began with a visit from "Achoo," the prolific New Orleans tagger. He cleverly hijacked our sign with his moniker. It seems he's allergic to cinema. 

It's always a bummer to have to repaint our wall, but we tried to do it with as much good humor as possible. 

Achoo's attack has put a good idea in our heads: We should turn this wall into a temporary community art space. Soon after Mardi Gras we plan to wrangle a gaggle of our artist friends to turn our wall into something beautiful. Are you an artist? Would you like to help? We'll keep you posted about when that's going to happen. 

2 Inspections

We had a plumbing inspection, which seemed to go well, and a nice guy from the ATC (Alcohol & Tobacco Control) dropped by to inquire about our application for an alcohol license. 

The inspector said, "it doesn't look like you should have any issues here." So that's promising! Hopefully we will soon be a full blown Cinema / Bar / Cafe!

The Internet! 

We finally got the internet turned on. And with plumbing too, we can finally use the new Indywood as an office!

Finally the printer shall be liberated from Hayley's bedroom! we're going into Mardi Gras mode. Be Safe. Seek the magic. We'll see you on the other side, New Orleans.