Buildout Report #5

Hey Cinema Fans, 

Here's your weekly Indywood update.


Opening in Back: With a Liquor License!

We've figured out a nifty zoning situation: If we're able to change the use that our building is zoned for from "Buisness" to "Indoor Assembly," we'll be able to get a liquor license at the same time as our occupancy license (usually you have to wait a long time and spend a lot of money to get a liquor license). Bar sales will definitely help our cinema flourish!!

But the catch is, an "Assembly Space" must be limited in square footage, which means we have to cut out some of our space. 

So our plan is to first open the Cinema/Bar in the back. When we open, you'll enter Indywood through the garage door on the Desire side of the building. Once we have that occupancy situation figured out, we'll apply for another occupancy license to put the Coffee Shop/Bookstore in the front. 

So that means we have to build a fire rated wall separating the front of the building from the back, which means we have to get a building permit, which is one of the many things Hayley made headway on this week. 


I've been doing projector research. The world of digital projection is surprisingly mirky, for all the crystal clear images being advertised. 

A salesman from Sony came by and showed me these wizbang LCD projectors--they don't have bulbs they have lasors! Pretty crazy. But I don't know...I think I prefer the roundedness of DLP projectors. Many people would say I'm wrong I'm sure. I have to make a decision on what to purchase soon!

Buying a projector makes me feel like I'm in the world of the "Emperor's New Clothes."

Bar Equipment

Hayley finally wrangled all our bar equipment! Our plumber, Roy, is in the process of connecting it all, so maybe next week we can finally get the water turned on!

The Sign!

This week I got moving on getting permits for our sign and (more fun) designing it. 

After spending an afternoon being shuffled around City Hall, I learned finally that there are some significant stylistic restrictions on what our sign looks like, because our building is in a historic district. The Historic District Landmarks Comission has to deem our sign "appropriate."

No Neon Signs
No Flashing Sings
No Digital Signs
No Colorfully Glowing Signs

I'm all for preserving historic buildings, but it's kind of a bummer in our case. Our building doesn't have the least bit of historic charm (it's a cinderblock box), so it would have been nice to have an outrageously vibrant sign. 

But on the other hand, limitations lead to more creativity. I'm going to draw up a couple of designs and take another pass at city hall next week.