Indywood Buildout Report #4

Handprint Party!

Last weekend, we invited our Kickstarter Backers to come put their handprints on the walls of our new cinema!

If you contributed to the Kickstarter but you weren't able to make it last weekend, feel free to come by any time after we open. We'll have a bucket of paint read for you dip your palm and slap the wall. might remember that our goal was to open the new Indywood by early January. Unfortunately, we're not going to make that goal. 

When we started this process, we were naive to how complicated it is to get an occupancy license.

Visit to City Hall

This week we went over to City Hall to check on the status of our application, and we found out about some more hoops we need to jump through. 

At least we now have a clear idea just what we need to do to get open. 

Building Permit

Because our build-out costs have been more than $50K, we need to have our contractor apply for a building permit (I bet your thinking: "Wow! That's a lot of money!" Fortunately, our landlord is covering a lot of that cost). 

Architectural Plan

Because our building is more than 2,200 square feet, we have to get an architect to sign off on our drawings. The Architect will let us know if we need sprinklers (which will be a lot more money and time to install).

Fire Marshal Visit

After we accomplish those tasks, we'll then request an inspection from a Fire Marshal. 

Occupancy and Liquor Licenses 

Finally, after the Fire Marshal has give his/her approval, we'll apply for a change of use of our building from "Retail" to "Assembly Space" (which comes with an alcohol license!)

The Next Major Challenge: Our Sign

In our visit to City Hall, we also learned, to our chagrin, that our building is in a historic district. This means that in order to erect our sign, we have to submit more applications than we thought we did. So we might just wait to erect the sign until we've figured out the Occupancy License...we're still weighing that decisions.  


And one bit of positive, forward-moving news: Our new chairs finally arrived!