Buildout Report #9

Indywood Buildout Report #9

Mural Ideas

We're working on what to paint on our wall. We decided the community art board might be too graffiti-looking (our neighbors might not be too keen on that idea). So now we're leaning more towards the idea of doing a mural. We put out a survey to allow y'all to vote on a mural concept. At the moment "famous movie icons sitting in the theater seats next to New Orleans heroes" is the most popular idea. 

What's your opinion? 



Architect Plans

We have signed architecture plans! Which means we're ready to start building the necessary upgrades to our building which will enable us to get an Certificate of Occupancy. 

As we mentioned in a previous buildout report, in the process of talking with our architect, we  decided to open up the back half of our building first due to zoning restrictions. This means that when we open, you will enter our cinema through our bar / cafe on Desire St.


We're about to have high-powered, 5.1 surround-sound systems in both of our new theaters, with LCR speakers and subwoofers tuned specifically for cinema.

At Indywood, we believe that sound is the crucial ingredient that will keep people coming to the cinema in the age of Netflix.


We're ready to launch our new website! We still have to populate it with content, but the site itself is ready to rock! Unfortunately, due to silly domain registration issues, we're going to need to for the first 25 days. But then we'll switch over to our new, permanent URL:

Sign Design: Pelican Inspired?

We've been toying with a crazy idea: what if we styled our sign and marquee after Louisiana's state bird--the pelican? 

The sign would be the head/beak, and the marquee would be the wings! (And of course we need a Ninth Ward rooster standing on top). It's so crazy, it just. might. work.

Coming Soon: Screenwriting Class!

Saturday, March 12 at 1:00p

You'd probably know Terrel Seltzer from her bigger-budget films: One Fine Day and How I Got Into College. But she cut her teeth in the indie world. The first film she wrote, Chan is Missing, was shot for $20,000. It was a success, receiving critical acclaim and a good distribution deal. 

The class will be a crash course on script structure, exploring how to break down a narrative idea into plot points to strengthen the dramatic backbone of a script...READ MORE / BUY TICKETS