Buildout Report #10

Buildout Update #10

We're finally starting to book films on the new Indywood screens! Our first screening:

Chan is Missing

Sunday, March 13
at 7:00p

Chan is Missing is widely acclaimed as the first Asian-American film. Here are a couple reviews: Roger EbertThe New York Times

We're screening Chan is Missing, because the screenwriter, Terrel Seltzer--who is also the writer of One Fine Day...and who also just so happens to be our Aunt!!--is coming to visit New Orleans. 

Terrel has kindly offered to teach a class on screenwriting at Indywood. 

Screenwriting Class with Terrel Seltzer

Sunday, March 13
at 2:00

Find out more about the class here

And we got so tired waiting to open, we're decided to do a series of "sneak peek" screenings. 

Indie Legends: Directors First Films

Seeing as we're just starting out, we thought it'd be fitting to show the first films of some legendary indie directors. Please help us pick 4 of the following films to screen. 

Help Us Program

We're want to show a series of 4 films, but we don't want to just pick them for you--we want your input: What Indie Legends would you like to see? 

Pick which films you want us to bring to Indywood: VOTE HERE!

Mural Results

We have a spectacular dark horse winner for our mural concept! At the tome of our last buildout report, the top pick of our Mural Concept Survey was "Famous movie stars sitting in movie theater seats alongside local New Orleans heroes."

But now that twice as many of y'all have filled out the survey, we have a new winning: "A secondline of cinematic greats (think Hitchcock playing tuba, Marilyn Monroe on trumpet, etc.)"

If you've not taken survey yet, please do so here!

Based on the results of the survey, we'll have a more refined idea for the mural to present to y'all soon. 


Corporate Taxes

Hayley's been battling our corporate taxes. I must admit (Will speaking), I have no idea what that entails, but soldier on Hayley! Fight the good fight!

Building a Patio

Check out our new patio! 


I talked with my landscaper friend about maybe planting a bougainvillea trellis on the side of our building. This could be so cool...


We had a meeting scheduled for Monday to talk with a lady from city hall about our pelican-inspired sign designs. But due to a "scheduling mix-up," she didn't show up to the onward we wait. We'll keep y'all posted.

Please be sure to be a good cinematic citizen: VOTE! on what Indies Legends you want to see at Indywood!