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How to Start a Bike-In Cinema

This summer, Indywood is bringing back the drive-in movie experience, but with a 21st century twist. These days we don’t drive-in—we bike-in.  As always with Indywood, we hope to inspire other people to do what we do, so here’s a quick breakdown on how to set-up your own bike-in cinema. 

Bike-In Movies (In The Spirit of Roger Corman)

We want to bring back the idea of the drive-in—but with a twist. In the twenty-first century, we don’t drive in—we bike in. 

How to Book a Film (Part 2)

Here's a run down of types of films you might want to book at your own indie cinema and a list the indie distribution companies who you can book films from.

How to Book a Film (Part 1)

We live in an age when the technology exists to easily show a movie on a big screen. However, it’s not that easy, because you usually have to license a film from a distribution company in order to book it at your theater. Booking films can be tricky . .  . Here's a basic breakdown of how to book a film. 

A Business Plan for Your Cinema

Neighborhood movie theaters can make money. How? (1) Ticket Sales, (2) Concessions, (3) Event Rentals, (4) On-Screen Advertising and (5) Membership. In this post we walk you through how to develop these income streams and give you a budget breakdown of how we keep Indywood in the black. 

Business Plan as Artful Evolution

In “The Lean Startup,” Eric Ries re-imagines the process of starting a business. Using his design, you don’t invest a lot of money from the get-go. Instead, you spend the least amount possible in order to learn how to grow your product and company from their roots.   

How to Start Your Own Cinema (For Under $15,000)

We are 100% confident that other people can and should start more neighborhood cinemas like Indywood. And for any entrepreneurial cinema lovers out there, we want to share some tips on starting Indywood to encourage you to start your own little cinema.

Why Film Distribution Needs Innovation

The current system of theatrical film distribution is structured on an antiquated format: Celluloid film. This is a problem that affects all cinema lovers, because it greatly restricts what films are shown on the big screen. It is our mission at Indywood to solve this problem.

We Won't Bow Down...To Distribution Companies

This past Friday, our screening of “We Won’t Bow Down” was a manifestation of the Indywood dream coming to life. 

The Independent Viewer: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

From the ashes of this cinematic Dark Age a new cultural creature is awakening. It is the new phoenix of cinema—the indie film viewer!

Indywood's Mission: Out of the Dark Age

At Indywood we are bringing the cinematic medium back to its roots by utilizing the new technological tools of the 21st century. 

As an aspiring filmmaker, I’m well versed in the problems that face independent filmmakers. Some friends and I have thought up solutions.