We have recently finished a new script called:

The Floating of New Atlantis.

Here are some excerpts:

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by Billy-Rand Poisel

Chapter 1: John Wild Frees Himself

Pirates capture an American ship, John Wild frees himself through an act of bravery, and Jean Lafitte enters to defend America.

Chapter 2: John Wild Becomes Captain Buck

We meet young Malcolm and his Grandma,  Buck makes a deal with Jean, there's a sword battle, Jean introduces Buck to Barataria, and Governor Claiborne puts a price on Jean's head.

Chapter 3: Jean Lafitte is Arrested

A vision of New Orleans, Annie ventures to Bourbon Street, Jean is arrested, the British come to Barataria and Buck becomes Boss.

Chapter 5: Andrew Jackson's America

In this installment, Andrew Jackson arrives to save the day, Jackson and Jean make a deal, Jean reveals a secret, Miss Mable frees her slaves, there's a dance in Congo Square, Buck and Mable visit a Marooner Coloney, Jackson gets in a duel and the British land their invasion. 

Chapter 6: The Battle

In this installment, the British attack is met by Maroons, New
Orleanians secondline to the battlefield, Buck defends the right flank in the swamp, Jean defends the left flank on the river, the Mermaids seduce with their siren call, Jean kisses Annie--victory!

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The Pitch

We're writing a script about the Battle of New Orleans, and we'd like to take you along for the ride. 

The idea is to crowdsource the story (and then step two will be to fund the film with crowdinvestment!). We are all Lionel Lamour Laveau: anyone who offers input will be credited in the film. We're looking specifically for readers who know and love New Orleans, because we hope this story will embody the spirit of this city. 


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